One year forever

For a whole year, the painter Julia Belot regularly visited the Botanical Garden of the University of Mainz. She was accompanied by Dr. Ulrich Hecker, the former scientific director of the Botanical Garden, who showed her and explained the special features of this garden. In consequence of these tours, twelve unique paintings have been created depicting the flora of the Botanical Garden from the point of view of the painter living in Wiesbaden. One  painting for every month of the year.

Dr. Ralf Omlor, Academic Director, Kustos Botanischer Garten, 2014


Now we are writing the year 2018 and I still cannot stop painting this garden. Until today, these walks through the garden accompanied by Dr. Ulrich Hecker give me much pleasure. Especially now that the garden is no longer foreign to me, it is fascinating to see how lively, always different and new it appears.

Julia Belot